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Like ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are available in a wide variety of styles, designs, and patterns. However, unlike their ceramic counterparts, their color and pattern extend beyond their surface and through their full thickness. Natural stone tiles made from granite, marble, slate, travertine, and so forth are another option. While they are hard-wearing and have grown in popularity in recent years, they also represent the most expensive bathroom flooring option.

On top of that, natural stone bathroom floor tiles are porous. This means that, if not correctly sealed before use, they are prone to water and they stain easily. However, they should not be cleaned with bleaches or strong chemicals as they can potentially damage them.

Still, the earthy beauty associated with these bathroom tiles along with the fact that no two tiles are alike has seen them gain a healthy following. As long as they are well maintained and sealed periodically, they can handle wet areas without a problem. Even though they cost more than cheap bathroom floor tiles, they are worth considering.

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Encaustic tiles are those beautiful cement tiles (often patterned) you may have seen on Instagram, Pinterest, or other design sites. While they are a gorgeous option — not only for their looks but the way they feel softer underfoot too — they do require more maintenance and care than regular ceramic or porcelain tiles. Because of the way these tiles are manufactured and their porous material, it’s important to take care when installing them, as well as ongoing cleaning and maintenance. I have encaustic tiles in my home and struggled to find good information online on how to care for encaustic cement tiles so I hope this article helps others who have or are considering using these tiles.

Terracotta, Italian marble, and porcelain tiles seem to be the preferred choice these days. The designer and textured marble is best suited for large and spacious living rooms, whereas a small living room can be decorated with cement tiles.

Colours such as beige, cream, whites and light shades of grey and blue are great choices. For bathrooms, you should consider creating an airy and open feeling. For this, choose neutral coloured floor tiles in light shades. It is a good idea to use the same colour wall tiles to make your bathroom appear larger

When your hard surface flooring installation is complete, our professionals will clean up the excess debris and remove the old flooring from your home. These services are included in the installation cost

Buildings can be categorized into five different types of construction: fire-resistive, non-combustible, ordinary, heavy timber, and wood-framed

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